1. Does OVEC charge any fees for counselling and placement?

    All our counselling and placement services are free.

  2. What services does OVEC offer?

    We offer the following services: counseling, application processing, visa application, accommodation arrangement, airport pick-up and scholarship application and financial advice (including loans).

  3. Is there an application fee?

    Some universities and institutions charge an application fee which is payable as per the guidelines of the university concerned.

  4. Can I file UCAS application from OVEC's office?

    Yes OVEC is a registered UCAS centre. The online fee payable directly to UCAS is £11.00 for a single choice of university and £21.00 for a choice of five universities. OVEC can file the applications on behalf of the student. No fee is payable to OVEC for this service.

  5. Do I have to pay university tuition fees to OVEC?

    OVEC does not collect tuition fees on behalf of any university or institution. All tuition fees must be paid directly to the university concerned and as outlined in the letter of admission.

  6. What are the refund policies in case I choose to withdraw?

    Refund policies vary from university to university. To ensure that there is no misunderstanding, parents and students are advised to carefully read the letter of admission and the university prospectus.

  7. Can I get a refund if my visa is refused?

    Yes. In all cases you will get a refund in case of visa refusal provided you send the institution a copy of your visa refusal letter. A few institutions may deduct a small amount (a maximum of USD 200) for special refund processing fees.

  8. Can I study and work part time to finance myself?

    In Australia, Canada, New Zealand and UK full time international students are allowed to work certain number of hours per week during their studies and vacation (please consult OVEC for exact number of hours as these vary from country to country). However when applying for a visa you must show the visa officer proof of adequate finance to support yourself for the entire length of your study program.

  9. Do I need to take an English language test?

    Mauritian students are usually not required to take the IETLS test if they have a minimum of Grade C at A-level or a very good result in English at O level. Also, there are some institutions that offer English placement tests for those who do not meet the requirement for English.

  10. What are the visa requirements?

    Visa requirements vary from country to country. Visa application assistance is one of the free services OVEC offers.