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Weekly Magazine February 2019 – OVEC holds gala dinner for university representatives

OVEC Fair February 2019 video

Testimonal from Dhanishta Lallchand – Deakin Full Scholarship winner

Choosing where to pursue your undergraduate degree can be quite daunting. It is, after all, one of the most important...

OVEC Scholarship Reception 2019: Several students secured full or part time funds

Education supérieure : Treize étudiants mauriciens obtiennent des bourses de l’Australie Deux lauréats de la cuvée 2018 admis en “full scholarship” à l’Université de Monash Jenny Dee, ambassadrice d’Australie à...

James Cook University Brisbane: Up to $17,500 off tuition fees

OVEC organises farewell party for students leaving for Australia and Canada

OVEC Fair: MCB St-Jean open to the public for the first time and article about the First Secretary, Canadian Trade Commission.

Presentations by University Reps at OVEC Fair on 9th and 10th Feb 2019

On the spot admissions Feb 2019 – DO NOT MISS!

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